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Re-imagine a space to create better efficiency, a feeling of comfort, and to bring to life the features you desire. The size of your yard is not a restraint because a small yard can allow for great comfort and usability when built properly.
Like small yards, large yards also have great qualities. Some bigger sized features can be implemented as well as a larger quantity if desired. A good analysis of your space is important as correctly scaled and placed features result in a pleasant living space.
You might be looking for a way to create a nice cosy & convivial space in your yard. Sheltering under a cosy roofed space, hanging out next to the hot fire with friends and family, or enjoying a romantic view of the mountains on a raised deck, create a space that fills you with happiness somewhere in your yard.
Wood decks, pergolas, gazebos, fences and more, there are so many ways to use this noble material in a yard, that it would almost be a shame to not use it.
Dear Colorado, thanks to this great climate we can all enjoy the great heat of a warm fire pit built with a view of the mountains.
The gentle babbling of a stream in your yard when you can't get up to the mountains is sometimes just what you need!
Enjoy an alternate view of your landscape during dawn, dusk, and night.
Landscape lighting is like having two landscapes in one yard: the day landscape and the night landscape.
On a budget? Stained, stamped or gray concrete can be a nice option to reduce the cost of your project and is something to consider.
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