Small urban yard
Featuring metal gas fire pit, wood log pathway, concrete stepping, garden beds, kids playground...
Small modern mountain yard
Featuring a gas fire pit, a stamped concrete patio, plantings, ground coverage, boulders...
Long and narrow yard
Featuring deck path, metal gas fire pit, sod, breeze landscaping material...
Small cosy yard
Featuring boulder gas fire pit, paver patio, plantings, wood steps, cobblestone ground coverage...
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Getting warm and cosy
A custom built roof with a warm outdoor fireplace, finished with a nice stain concrete and some plantings and boulders to create a beautiful custom outdoor living space
A full pool and its landscape
A large diving pool, a fire pit, a hot tub, ponds, plantings, and water features
Outdoor living space on a hill
Covered outdoor living space with retaining wall, water feature and plantings
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